Unloading assembling and setting in place a new Husky injection molding machine,  
chiller , coolers , Hopper  and all accessories. Equipment used, 30,000 ,15,000 and
6,000 Lbs forklift a 45 tons Tms 375 crane ,and some air casters and dollies and  
Riggers Boom.
Getting out a old generator   to send it  to rebuild and  set in the place a rebuilt one.
Generator make, Caterpillar   weight, 60,000Lbs. Pull out with some dollies and a
15,000 Lbs electric forklift. Pick up whit a 150 tons GMK 5150.
Moving Out a old compression chamber, with our 30,000 lbs Yale rigger special.
Cooling tower installation, in this job the installation area was really far and we decide to
move colling tower parts  from unloading area roll them inside the empty building and to
the installation place, them bring our 22 tons crane make a ramp and move it to the
interior yard. Lift upper part in place move our crane out and pull the entire colling tower
to final position.
 Equipment used, #Grove RT 400, #spreader bar,# nylon slings,
#dollies, #jacks, #12,000 lbs forklift. Lower part of colling tower 11,000 lbs upper part
14,500 lbs.